Gear Up!

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One of the keys to successful adventure racing is being prepared for the unexpected—and that includes having quality gear that won’t let you down. Remember that for each race, we always post a specific gear list, so be sure to reference that for each race. Sport Division and Elite Division

To get you started though, here is a basic list:


  1. Per Person
    For warmer weather races, most racers wear bike or athletic shorts and an athletic performance shirt such as Mountain Hardware’s Wicked Lite T. Cotton wear is fine for the shorter races, but you may want to shy away from it for the longer races, as it doesn't wick away the sweat like athletic fabrics. For cooler weather it’s a good idea to wear some layers of wicking fabric as you may still get wet. Sunglasses are a must on sunny days with a cap or visor great plus as well. You should also wear sunscreen and bug repellant. For footwear you might like to wear trail-running shoes or cross-trainers; just know that whatever you wear will probably get wet. Bring a good quality mountain bike and helmet, whistle, water/hydration and food to last the event.
  2. Per Team
    Each team should have a compass & cell phone (for emergency use only). Again, depending on the race and division, this list could be longer. Check each race event’s page for a specific gear list for that race.
  3. Paddle Gear
    Canoes, paddles and life-vests are supplied by Pangea Adventure Racing for all participants. For soloists in the Sport division, we provide kayaks. For teams in the Elite division, due to the paddling time length, we encourage participants to bring their own paddles and or life vest and provide additional details regarding at pre-race meeting. 
  4. Where to get AR gear.
    For an extensive selection of race related gear and clothing check the Adventure Race Gear section of or visit their store in Altamonte Springs, FL.

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