King's Landing for beautiful paddle practice or play

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Since some of you will and some of you have already in preparation, we are just pointing out that King's Landing, the Superhero AR venue, is a great place to paddle anytime.

We've heard rumblings of some adventure racers heading over to check out the site and we figure that will continue up until September 15th when we show up.

That's no problem with us because King's Landing offers a unique and beautiful place to spend a day. With water from nearby Rock Springs, you can see clear to the ground as you paddle or even pull up a chair for a fun day in the drink.

We often talk about how the paddle portion of any race is probably the most neglected discipline by the average adventure racer. It's not a bad idea to knock the rust off or gain some valuable experience in the boat before the race.

If you want to see some of what King's Landing has to offer, check out our photos from last years Superhero AR.

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