Good to know for this Adventure Race:


5-hr Sport racers should refer to the standard Mandatory Gear list and realize you will be using the Main TA to stow any gear you won't carry on course.

30-hr Elite racers refer to the standard Mandatory Gear list and this page for gear transportation information.


Boat Portion:
Canoes, Canoe Paddles, and Life Vests are all provided. Personal Paddling gear is permitted in the Elite race. Please bag or bungee gear together and label with team name. We will transport center seats for 3-person teams providing their own.

Bike transport:
For ease of transport secure bike shoes, helmet and maximum of two water bottles to bike.

Transition Bins:
Gear Bin (maximum 10 gallon allowed per Elite racer) We are accommodating so if its easier for team to use one larger bin feel free ie: 40 gallon for a 4 person team.

*We are not responsible for damage to gear so please protect fragile items.

Suggested Gear:
Canoe Center Seats will not be provided for 3-person teams. You may provide your own
A Dry Bag (Good chance you will get wet)
We expect water will be provided at most TAs. Some teams prefer to bring a filtration device, iodine pills, etc., to create drinking water while out on the course