Christmas in Christmas Lore (Part 1)

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Pangea Adventure Racing brings the "surprise" Christmas in Christmas AR back to the Tosohatchee WMA in 2013 for another merry holiday sprint through Christmas, FL.
What was once hole in the yearly calendar has become a fun-filled holiday tradition celebrating our unique adventure racing community.
The way this race has been received means so much to us so we would like to take a look back at the genesis of this special event and see how it evolved into what it is today.

Before there was anything, there was you. Way back in 2011, Pangea was really starting to click. Faces were becoming familiar, friendships were being made, and most importantly people were having fun.
Showing up for a race was more than just a job, activity, or hobby. Showing up once a month developed into a chance to meet-up with fellow adventurers and create relationships based on shared experiences.
Not only that, the overall competition was really picking up. Veteran Elite teams were going to battle every race, homegrown teams were graduating into the higher class, and a rotating collection of Sport teams were becoming more and more skilled every time out.
In short, the seedlings planted back in 2007 had taken root and the community we had hoped for was really starting to bloom.
The beauty of what was taking place had really resonated with us. Many idle conversations would veer off into Pangea. Like if you tuned in your AM radio and instead of College Football the discussion was about Adventure Racing.
Conversations about the merits of some teams or their strengths and weaknesses. How differently a race plays out based on length or conditions. The improvements we saw from people who had never even heard of adventure racing before us. Or even just how pleasant everyone could be whether they were in it to win it or in it to finish it.
The original idea for Christmas in Christmas started with a question. Elite teams had become so good at adapting to the longer races. They knew how to go but they knew how to pace. Their basic skills were unquestioned but their mental toughness to see six-hours as a short race truly made them Elite.
However, in the Sport Division we were seeing some incredible performances. The skill level was increasing and the speed was undeniable. The room for error was becoming so thin and to take your foot off the gas pedal could cost you a win. To be on top of the leaderboard meant you had to be near perfect on any given race day.
It started as a question. What if the Elite teams had to race in the Sport Division? Who would adapt to the ultimate sprint? Which Sport teams would rise to the occasion? Who would stand up amid the controlled chaos and be perfect?
It was just a question. Conversations go down so many roads and when they reach the end you just take the next one. The intent was never to do anything. It was just a conversation about adventure racing.
Ultimately it wasn't just a question; it was a spark. Conversations go down many roads but it didn't take long for this one to make a u-turn. Elite versus Sport. Head to Head. An exhibition to satisfy a curiosity.
It wasn't a question it was a spark. The race came to fruition but not strictly as the raging inferno of competitive fire as it was first presented.
In part two, find out how the true spirit of what we have took this question and sparked the creation of a new community classic and fun-filled family tradition.

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