Christmas in Christmas Lore (Part 2)

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In part one of this set, we discussed how the Christmas in Christmas AR began as question about the increasing level of skill in the Elite and Sport Divisions. What would happen if the Elite teams had to sprint it out against the Sport teams.
It was a question that was just tossed into the air but the idea took hold and was gamely turned into a reality.
The event itself took shape and was delivered rather quickly and although the original intent was to satisfy a curiosity, the meaning of the race became so much more. Of course that shouldn't be a surprise anymore when dealing with Pangea Adventure Racers.

The idea was hatched in an instant and it didn't take long for us to realize that it was possible. It was a little more than month before the Turkey Burn AR and we were really excited to see how that race played out. However, we did realize that the month of December was sitting there vacant as always so a Christmas race could be a fun concept.
Continuing to humor the idea, the next logical step was to wonder where, if anywhere, could this event take place on such short notice. In the end there was really only one option and that was at the Tosohatchee WMA in Christmas, FL.
The Christmas adventure race in Christmas, FL. It spelled itself out to us and in that moment we knew it had to be done.
The 2011 season was a lot of hard work. With 13 events on the schedule, the thought of having a month off was very enticing. We felt maybe the racers were feeling burned out as well. The last thing needed was the pressure of another typical event.
The decision was made that night that it wouldn't be a typical event. There wouldn't be a big build up. There wouldn't be shirts, food, or any other accommodations. There would only be a solid course to be raced on a beautiful December day in Florida.
It was a company Christmas Party. It was a 'no frills' 'half price' 3.5 hour Elite sprint adventure race. It was also a surprise. And to our surprise, people actually showed up.

Leading up to the Turkey Burn AR that year, there was no clue that another race was happening three weeks after. You could have counted on one hand how many people in the world knew that there was. The wheels were in motion and plans were being made but the fear of pulling the trigger remained. What if nobody cared?
It had a Field of Dreams quality to it. If we build it they will come. We had to have faith that they would and whether there was 20 racers or 200, we were going to be happy to see every single one of them.
The resulting response was more than we could have asked for. In less than three weeks more than 70 people were signed up. Teams of all skill levels. Teams that wanted to meet the challenge and compete for honor. Teams that wanted to spend a Saturday afternoon getting dirty. Families that wanted to spend some time together. Friends who wanted to compete together.
Everyone just wanted something fun to do.
The 2011 course was a short sprint but it had an Elite feel. Only two teams cleared it. Good'Nuff bested the Utility Mutants by one minute. Two teams comprised of exceptional Elite racers who knew they would have each other to deal with.
But behind them in third place was the Bitter Carnies. A relatively new Sport team who hadn't even finished in the top 10 previously. They grabbed a podium spot beating out a slew of seasoned racers while proving that maybe the original concept did indeed have some merit.
Either way it was evident that the final concept proved to have immense value. It was another fun day outdoors and other chance to see our friends to say Merry Christmas. It was an escape from the holiday stress and it was our unrivaled group was all about.

It was a great moment for us and something we would never forget. There really was no thought of doing the race again in 2012. The whole thing was a fun idea but we thought maybe it was just a one time stunt utilizing a complete element of surprise.
Before we could really give it thought you guys made up our minds for us. Before summer could even hit we were getting asked over and over if the Christmas race was coming back. No other race has gotten so many inquiries. It was now a favorite race for a lot of people.
The resulting 2012 Christmas in Christmas AR played out as a really fast sprint. Team Ashley, a team with a super Elite captain and two rookies, took the top spot. And right there in the top five were Pinnacle MobFit and the Cow Tipping Dwarfs two of the best Sport teams that season right in the mix with very experienced Elite talent.
The combination of fun and competition, which has always been our trademark, is kind of summed up well in the Christmas in Christmas AR. And with the 2013 race hours away, it is going to be great to see everyone and to see who will come out on top.
Who knows when the 2014 version will be announced, but we can guarantee that until it is people will be asking about it. It warms our hearts that they will, and it warms our hearts on race day when everyone is there with us during the busiest time of the year.
See you at the races,
Pangea Adventure Racing

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