New Super Sprint Events

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Are you someone interested in adventure racing but aren't sure if you are up to the challenge of a three hour race or nervous about reading a map?
Are you someone who wants a new take on triathalons where you race off road with a team through some beautiful parts of nature?
Do you just want to get off the couch and do something?
If so we've introduced a new type of race in 2014 called Super Sprints that can satisfy any of those urges.
Super Sprint (SS) races are marked courses that are great for super athletes, weekend warriors, people new to adventure racing, and anyone else who just wants to have fun outdoors.
A Super Sprint is exactly what it sounds like. Your team will have a Map and punch Control Points (CPs) like adventure racing, but the course is designed so that your team of 2 or 3 can speed through as fast as possible.
The routes involve marked trails and roads that aren't meant to confuse you. Along the way there are CPs to punch on your scorecard that are easily visable to make sure stay on the designed route.
The first SS event, 2014 Boar SS, took place at Orlando Wetlands Park and the racers were treated with an awesome place to play. Take a look below at the Instruction Sheet and Map that the participants recieved on race day.
2014 Boar Super Sprint Instructions2014 Boar Super Sprint Map
The only mandatory gear you need is a Bike and Bike Helmet. It is not a relay race! Your team must stick together throughout and one canoe is provided per team.
SS events are timed with no overtime-penalties being assessed. They may vary from race to race but generally we expect the fastest teams to finish in about one-hour. However, with no time-limit teams of all skill-levels have all the time they need to get it done.
We are excited to have these introductory events to supplement our already vast adventure racing calendar. Expect more Super Sprint races to be sprinkled in throughout 2014. Keep checking the website to see when we announce the next one.

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