Final Update: Point Series 2013

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In case you aren't aware, the Turkey Burn AR every November serves as the Pangea AR championship race for the year.
All season long, Elite teams from both divisions (Premier & Open) attempt to accumulate 60 points in the Point Series in order to qualify for championship consideration.
2013 ushered in a few changes to the points format. Mainly, a few select races are weighted heavier based on length. The 72 hour Sea 2 Sea AR is worth triple points meaning the winners automatically achieved the 60 points needed. Races longer than 10 hours, such as the 30 hour Atomic AR and the 18 hour Nocturnal Challenge AR, are worth double points. This has lead to some interesting scenarios and is designed to reward teams that seek out the ultimate adventures. Without further ado, let's breakdown the series scene as it is today...
The Premier Division is for teams of three or four that are coed. This represents the pure adventure racing spirit.
Six teams have qualified. Team BikeWorks / Team Gecko (134 points) has had a fantastic year climbing into the Elite ranks. The team has a great core of experienced racers and can move with the best of teams. They haven't finished below top three in this class at any race this season and are poised to put it all together. Swamp Gators (120 points) lead the way. They took second place in the Open Division last time but decided to go Premier this year. Not surprising since they've never shied away from taking on the best since showing up. Despite their lack of experience compared to the slew of veterans they face-off against, the team continues to grow at the highest level. Honey Stinger (116 points) has been a landing spot for all-star level racers. Their win, and being the only team to clear the course at the Nocturnal Challenge AR, shows they may be the favorite. Mojitos on Monday (98 points) has been another landing spot for some all-star level racers. Three 20 point performances punched their ticket to the dance and a strong showing in the Nocturnal Challenged AR showed they will have a major say in the end. You And Us All (68 points) have jumped into the scene this year and qualified in three races. Maybe these rookies can shock us all. Checkpoint Zero (60 points) qualified all at once by winning the Sea 2 Sea AR outright. Time will tell if they decide to field a team at the Turkey Burn AR but if they do it is sure to be a contender.
The Open division is for anyone else or for teams that choose to race as Open.
Eight teams have qualified. The Canyoneros (184 points) continue their quest to master this sport and have developed nicely in 2013 including reaching the podium for the first time. Their third place overall finish at the Nocturnal Challenge AR may prove to be their breakthrough as a true contender. Florida Xtreme/ US Air Force (130 points) got all the points they needed at the Sea 2 Sea AR and have piled on quite a few more. This team at full strength can take down anybody. CP Bound (104 points) loves the long races and has shown that they belong in the discussion of top teams. Sheriff's Posse (83 points), with 66 year-old John, always pick their route choices very meticulously in order to stay in the hunt. And speaking of the hunt, Florida Xtreme/ Hunter (103 points), with 12 year-old Hunter, had an inspiring fourth overall at the Nocturnal Challenge AR proving they could go all the way. The girls on Crew Zen (74 points) love the long races as well and always stay out there as long as it takes to get the job done. Nature Calls (74 points) and AR Militia (72 points) have both been around a long time and pose a real threat if they race.
So that is the run down. If your team does qualified remember to sign up and compete in November. And if you want to race side by side as a spoiler to see how you stack up, please go right ahead. Check out the past winners.
*The Turkey Burn AR is open to and always attended by any teams that want to race whether they are qualified or not. Only qualified teams, however, are eligible for prizes and season long bragging rights.

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