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The AR 101 section is a place to lend some insight about our adventure races. Some articles are about advanced strategies and some are just about what to expect when you show up. But really this place can be about anything that could help newcomers or the rest of the community. We encourage racers to take the ball and create content for this section. If you have an article, article idea, or suggestion you would like to share, email

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"What am I looking for?"

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AR101 -- What makes adventure racing unique is the Control Points (CPs) you are trying to find during the race. Frequent questions we get are what is a CP, what does it look like, and what do I do when I find one?
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First Timer? What to Expect

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AR101 -- For those of you that are signed up for the first time, there is no need to fear. Here is what to expect during a typical day at the races.
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