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April 22, 2013
I'm wondering how many teams opted to bike-bushwack from CP 13 to CP 14. It seems the RD was tempting us to do it by putting the CP across the creek. We opted to go around and the "road" we ended up taking was a slow-going.

We had a fun time despite the cold wind and big waves on the river. Going under docks in big-chop is scary! The tower challenge was great fun.

Thank you Pangea and Volunteers.

See you in Blue Ridge,
Crew Zen
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April 23, 2013
We chose to do the bushwhack- I briefly debated going the long way by trail because the biking had been so easy (tails were hard packed). However, it seemed that the bike whack would be really short so we went for it. The creek was a couple feet deep but otherwise the travel was easy. I believe the whole bike whack took 5 or 10 minutes at the most. We beared slightly to the north so we wouldn't miss the trail the CP was on since the CP was at the end of the trail.
-Jake....Team JAX
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April 26, 2013
We choose to bushwhack too. Like Jake, we intentionally missed left so we'd be sure to hit the trail. The creek crossing was pretty easy and the "bush" was not too bad at all. Definitely the right call.

Bill (raced w/ Canyoneros)