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February 10, 2014
I was wondering if any one could answer my questions about the boar AR event held on March 1, 2014.
So i sort of just came across this by mistake but i thought it looked really cool, Iv never really done any of these kinds of events so i'm not really sure what kind of things are included or involved in this event. I'm aware that there is biking, hiking and canoeing all of which i love to do but i am not sure how far it is/ miles in each event, or how much it is? If some one can help me answer these questions that would be grate iv always wanted to do something but i don't really know how hard this is (which isn't a problem for me i just want to know how i should train), iv done charity events like the really for life, the heart walk and a few others but i love a challenge and i think this would be grate for that.
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February 11, 2014
Hey, the Boar AR is at one of the coolest areas you'll see. It's quite scenic with all the wildlife and environments there. You mentioned you enjoy these three activities, so that's all it takes to have a good time at one of these races. New to this year is that there is a 1hr race option that takes navigation out of the mix. You won't need to know how to navigate in the middle of a forest or lake. This option appears to be really geared towards new racers wanting to get their feet wet.

If you have some skills reading a map and a compass, or your eager friend does, then a 3hr option is also available, categorized as a "sport" race. This one is a great combination of not being too short, vs not being too long of a race. The navigation on sport races aren't as challenging as the longer elite races, but it'll allow you to enjoy more of what the park has to offer.

Now if you're curious about the longer "elite" races, you will definitely want someone on your team who has some experience navigating. That is not to say it can't be done. We jumped blindly into elite races with just about no specific training at all and never looked back :) This third option is a 6hr long race. The navigator doesn't have to be the best or in the military or anything. She just needs to know where she is on the map most of the times. Many distance runners or bikers love the longer lengths of an elite race.

Here's a blog recap of one of the Boar AR races I did in the past with a bunch of my buddies, including plenty of pictures.

Here's a GPS route of another Boar AR race in the past to give you an idea of distances covered in a 6hr race.

Here's a great article written by a very experienced racer about what to expect on your first race. He's done it all, from sport races to multi-day overseas expeditions:

Hope that helps and will motivate/inspire you to come out an enjoy one with us. The beauty about adventure racing is that you never know what you'll see and experience on any race. They make for great memories and stories!
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