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May 29, 2011
7 am - Sport Registration desk sounds of crickets...where are the sport teams?

7:30 am - Sport teams start trickling in to pick up their maps and initial instructions. Several new teams have signed up for their first race with Pangea.

8:45 - Pre-race meeting held...amid slight confusion due to sleep deprived race directors. Questions were asked. Answers were given. Everyone looked confused.
Prelude is announced. Teams must take the tire off of one of their bikes, split up the two parts and run around a 1/2 mile loop, reconnecting and then returning to the main TA.

09:00 - All teams were instructed to choose a marbles to determine if they would begin their race (after the prelude) with a bike, trek or paddle.

10:00 - And they're off!! Sport teams running with either a tire or the rest of a bike in hand.

10:04 - First teams to return from prelude include: Anaconda Squeeeeeze, Evo 4, Green Paw Girls, Left Jersey, Sloppy Seconds, Usual Suspects.

10:05 - Second wave returns: 2 Blokes & a Joke, Bigfoot, Cuban Crocs, L.O.S.T., Mississippi Marauders, Swamp Rats

10:06 - Third wave returns from prelude: Are We There Yet?, Guinea Pigs, The Toaster Takers

10:07 - Peppe and the Jew, Umbyone and Zero Gravity A & B return to main TA

10:10 - Sport teams are split up based on marble selection and are off to their first CP destinations

11:17 - First sport team arrives back to main TA: 2 Blokes and a Joke, followed closely by Evo 4, Are We There Yet?, Sloppy Seconds, Usual Suspects, R2R, Toaster Takers, Peppe & the Jew and Umbyone.

7:20 Monday evening...sorry to have stopped posting the live coverage, had to start posting results and the teams were coming in fast and furious!!

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