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July 30, 2011

Can't freaking wait!

By the way, I thing "GET TO THE CHOPPER!" wins for funniest team name. Although to be fair, it should be "Choppa!"
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August 2, 2011
For anyone that is interested this is our race port for the Luminescent 8 hr.

I don’t get to race as often as I used to but when I do get the chance I’m always grateful to be racing in Florida where Pangea puts on the most well done and organized races in the southeast. Here is a brief recap of how we (Team JAX) raced this course. We raced as a 2 person male team. Although my teammate is a seasoned triathlete and runner this was his first adventure race and first time on a mountain bike.

Bike 1- This was a short 6 mile ride with one CP to spread the teams out before hitting the paddle. We stayed with lead pack on the way there and after crossing a waist deep creek were the first team to punch the CP. Alex is a far superior biker so I tucked in behind him and enjoyed the free ride. We were the second team back to the TA to grab our paddles.

Paddle- After a quick bike to the Boat TA we were approx. the 4th or 5th team on the water. We made our way up to third place behind FLX 1 and Primal Instinct and had all but CP 9 collected when the unthinkable happened. While approaching the inlet to the creek we had to paddle up we got into a crosswind and I let the boat get turned. I felt the boat begin to capsize so I instinctively grabbed the side and when I did my wing paddle hit the water and was jerked out of my hand. We turned the boat around and searched with headlamps for about 5 minutes with no luck. Our only option was to each take half of the other kayak paddle and use it as a canoe paddles and keep going. By the time we got back to the Boat TA we had been passed by about fifteen boats.

Run 1- After a demoralizing paddle we chose to run first. I needed to get my composure back and I knew I could navigate better and move faster on foot than on the bike. For the most part we nailed the nav. and kept a good pace. I believe CP 16 was the only one that gave us trouble- trying to determine if the fire roads were the map or were new ones. FLX 2 showed up and we worked together and found it soon enough. We pretty much leap frogged FLX 2 for the remaining CP’s and made in back to the TA right ahead of them.

Bike 2- FLX 2 decided to attack the bike section heading south first, we chose to go north first. After easily navigating to all but 3 bike CP’s we came to CP 23 at the same time as FLX 2. They approached it from the south, we approached it from the north and confirmed with each other that we were in the right spot. However, the clue said the CP was on the east side of wetlands and neither of us felt we were at area with wetlands. After 10 minutes of searching they headed north to re-attack and we headed south. About half an hour later we ran into them again- back at the same spot and found a faint trail that we had missed earlier that took us into a grassy field that contained the CP. This was our big nav mistake and it cost about 45 minutes. We picked off the next two CP easily and headed back to main TA.

Bearing Course- The bearing course was simple enough. Since pacing the exact bearing would have been mostly trekking through the woods I decided to count the 160 paces directly down the dirt road then cut into the wood at an angle back towards the CP. We ran right to it and from there quickly grabbed the last CP and headed in.

We decided to pack things up and head back to Jacksonville before we were too tired to drive. Jeff from FLX called me later and said that we had snagged third place! Considering losing the paddle and blowing CP 23 we were pumped! Thanks again to Pangea for a great race!

-Jake....Team JAX
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August 3, 2011
Great writeup! Anymore race reports anyone would like to share?
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August 7, 2011
Far less "Victory and Glory" than the Team Jax report above... We Blame Javan had a rough outing in our first overnight race:
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August 9, 2011
Nice write ups, lost kayak paddle and blood on trail. Maybe these write ups represent the mis-adventures of night adventure racing.