Pangea Adventure Racing Videos


Swamp Rats - (Video) Nocturnal Challenge 2011

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Team Swamp Rats take us into the Night at the 2011 Nocturnal Challenge Read more …


Wicked Poison Ivy - (Video) SCAR 2011

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Wicked Poison Ivy captured the paddle that kicked off 2011 SCAR for Elite teams Read more …


Florida Xtreme - (Video) Nocatee Conquest 2011

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Jeff Leininger of Florida Xtreme made this video at the 2011 Nocatee Conquest AR. Read more …


World Vibe AR - (Video) Resolution AR 2011

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World Vibe AR recorded some of the action while racing the 2011 Resolution AR. Read more … - (Video) LighterKnot 2010

(comments: 0) came out to the 2010 LighterKnot AR to find out about Adventure Racing Read more …


Rajesh Durbal - (Video) BOAR 2010

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Rajesh Durbal from reported on his video blog about racing the 2010 BOAR. Read more …