Sport Division

Read More: we have an article for first timers with more information.

Sport races are usually 3 hours in length though we do have select 4 & 5hr events. Great for the beginner, sport races also offer a challenging sprint for better athlete's & experienced navigators. Join us shortly before the pre-race meeting for an “AR 101” class that covers basic navigation, using map and compass, and team strategy.

Teams use provided maps to recognize terrain features while navigating local trails & waterways.Teams of 2-4 people and solo racers can participate in the Sport division. Solo's do not qualify for awards though will be officially ranked on leader board.

Format: Teams draw marbles at check in to determine their starting discipline (Foot, Boat, or Bike). For Most Sport races, teams will return to the main transition area in between each discipline to exchange punchcards and prepare gear for the next portion.

Scoring: Teams will receive a punchcard before each disicpline. When they get to a Control Point (CP), they punch the proper place on the card to prove they were there. The team with the most CPs punched in the shortest amount of time is the winner. There is no penalty for missing a CP, you simply just don't rceive credit for it. 

Distances vary as do local conditions at each venue. Usual targets are for teams to spend similar times in each discipline. Below outlines general 3hr Sport distances.
Paddle: 3k - 6k
Foot: 3k - 6k
Bike: 6k - 12k

Elite Division

Pangea Adventure Racing Elite events are advanced level races requiring a higher level of navigational skills and greater physical conditioning to be competitive. Teams use topographic maps, aerial maps and/or local park maps to determine location, distance, direction, and follow bearings necessary distances. Often there may be multiple options on route choices between check points—it is each team’s challenge to choose what they think is the best and safest route. Teams consist of 2-4 people and can be co-ed or non co-ed. The length of our Elite races varies from 6 hours to 30 hours.

Distances for each discipline and venue vary as do local conditions. Usual targets are for teams to spend similar amounts of time in each discipline.

Canoes, canoe paddles, and life vest are provided for all teams. Details will be provided at pre race meeting for teams wishing to use personal paddles or life vest.