Mandatory Gear List

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This is a bare essential list of required gear that individuals and teams will need to carry during a race. Gear checks may happen at anytime on course. Penalties are assessed based on the Event Rules document.
Teams should pack additional food, clothing & gear as needed to complete the course. Bring your own water needed to start race. We supply water at Main TA but use of personal team water supply to start is preferred. Water supplied on the course will be outlined during pre-race meeting.
Mandatory Team Gear:
Cell Phone
Permanent Marker
First Aid Kit:
Events 10 hours or less: At least 3 meters of duck tape (Roll it around a small stick. Entire roll not required. Many uses including temporary wound care).
Events 12 to 18 hours: the above Duct Tape, Gauze, & Knife
Events 30 hours or more: Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight .7 (or build own kit as long as the contents are the same)
Mandatory Individual Gear:
• Whistle
• Two (2) Liter Minimum Hydration Capacity
• Bike (Mountain Bike recommended though bike with fat tires will suffice. Other bikes are acceptable though most times riding conditions strongly favor mountain bikes)
• Bike Helmet
Mandatory Gear for Nocturnal Events: (Any race with night portions)
Head Lamp or Flashlight
Bike Front White Light (Head lamp acceptable)
Bike Rear Red Light
1 Red Glow Stick in case of bike rear light failure (Per person)
Batteries to last through nocturnal aspects of event
Lighter or Waterproof Matches (Per team)
Survival blanket for all events 24hrs or longer (Per person)
Elite Optional Paddling Gear:
Individuals can use personal paddles and life vests in Elite races. (May be required to carry during portion of course depending on details provided at check in)
Additional Gear to consider:
Waterproof Dry Bag (for cell phone, etc.)
Food & Nutrition to last event
Bike Tube(s) & Pump
Bug Spray
Back Up Compass
Glow Sticks to be seen at night
Epipens are recommended for individuals with a prescription
Waterproof rain jacket
Last Revised: 02/04/14